We all know that the iPhone lacks Flash support, so it’s missing out on some pretty cool features, specially related to gaming and video websites/services. However, there are some other handsets we can choose, with Flash support and all, to compensate for the Apple’s lack of cooperation with Adobe. Nexus One is one of them, as you can see below:

This is a Flash 10.1 beta preview on the new smartphone, showing a Flash game called “Alien Attack”, a bunch of Flash-based websites and a bunch of ads, also enabled by this technology.

The day when Apple will finally add Flash support on the iPhone’s features list will remain in history, but till then, Nexus One shows great potential in this segment. The interesting thing is that some people are so much into Apple’s phone, that they start criticizing Flash technology… How big can fanaticism be, these days?

[via Engadget]