We’ve tested our share of devices and accessories, here at GSMDome.com, but this is probably the first time we test sports wireless headphones. They’re called Flymemo Hammer BH03 and they’re available on Amazon for $29.99.



We’re dealing with a set of Bluetooth 4.0 sports active wireless earbuds, that are excellent for jogging, biking and the works. They come in black and bright green and connect to your phone or tablet via Bluetooth. They also sport an USB port for charging and come bundled with an USB cable, replacement plugs and a replacement for the mechanism that locks the accessory into the ear area.

Shaped like a hammer, the two earbuds are connected by a wire, that only stretches among them, not towards any device. The buds stick well in the ear, they’re comfy and offer great sound isolation. The volume is quite loud, but not deafening and the remote features 3 buttons, as well as an HD microphone. This device lets you take calls, by the way.


Those buttons can be used for Power, play/pause, forward/backward and volume up and down, but if you keep the Power button pressed when starting up the earbuds, you can also perform syncing. We’ve got English voice prompts available and a high def microphone will let you speak to other people when pausing music to take a call.

Compatible with iOS and Android, Hammer BH03 works at a distance of 10 meters and has a frequency between 2.4 GHz and 2.48 GHz. Its functioning time is 8 hours and the standby time is up to 180 hours. Its battery will charge in 2 hours and the charging must be done at 5V and 200 mA. The speaker included here is a 10 mm, 32 ohm unit and this product has 1 year of warranty.


Flymemo is a sports brand of Shenzhen Dezeweiye Technology and an interesting aspect regarding these earbuds is that they get their own battery section when connected to an iPhone. It shows the battery level in the status area and in the Today section. Syncing is very intuitive and easy and acoustic fidelity is great.

The bass is fantastic and I had a blast when using these buds while running. Their wire can be set behind your neck or tucked into your shirt easily. It’s a solid product for people on the run and we recommend it. Its updated price is here.

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