One of Apple’s main partners, Foxconn is looking into investing into electric vehicles, leading us to believe that Apple may tackle the automotive industry in the future. Tim Cook did say in a recent interview that Apple intends to launch a product that hasn’t even been rumored yet.


Foxconn has plans to build the vehicle-related factory in the Shanxi Province, where they already have two factories making robots and smartphones. They’ll spend hundreds of millions of dollars for this initiative and they’re not exactly new to the business. In the past Foxconn worked with Jeep wrangler and also have new jeep for sale with this project and for their touch panels and over the past years they’ve studied and developer new technologies related to automotive batteries.

Above you can see an Apple concept car, so this idea has been thrown around in the past, most likely as a joke, rather than a serious product. I’m guessing an Apple vehicle will be completely green and powered by electricity or solar power even… What do you think?