Apple’s favorite manufacturing partner, Foxconn might just take over Nokia’s handset making plants, as claimed by the Chinese language Economic Daily News, quoting sources at securities houses. We’ve heard this rumour before, but it was concerning a massive sellout of Nokia’s mobile phone business.


Foxconn Electronics is a Taiwanese firm and it has Elcoteq and Jabil as rivals for the take over of Nokia’s manufacturing plants. Compal Group and Lite-On Technology are also interested in the deal (also from Taiwan), with the former having good reasons for this, since they’re the Finns’ partners for the production of 3G netbooks and CDMA phones.

Lite-On works with Nokia via handset casing maker Perlos, acquired by Lite-On back in 2007. Will the great handset manufacturer sell its primary business or not? What do you say?

[via digitimes]