Foxconn is the Chinese company that assembles iPhone and iPad models and now they’re relying more and more on robots for assembly. The robot army that Foxconn has constitutes a great advantage over other companies, when it comes to manufacturing products for the likes of Xiaomi and Apple.


Using robots instead of human employees increases production quality and decreases the number of defective units. The company has automated more manufacturing processes for components, as more and more factories rely less on human employees. Foxconn also makes robots, which it installed in a variety of factories, including noodle making plants.

Foxconn doesn’t divulge the robots’ costs and they’re pretty mysterious about them, not revealing many details. They’re still new in the business of robotics, compared to Japanese giants like Fanuc or the US ABB Robotics. What they have going for them is the fact they’re ranked fourth in the field of robotics patents owned in USA. 50.000 automated units are working on your future iPhone and iPad units.

Does this make you feel happier with the products?


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