Everybody is probably wondering how Swatch is handling the pressure of having to compete with Apple on the watch market and Samsung, too. Well, who best to answer than the CEO of the Swatch group, Nick Hayek. He had a few interesting things to say during a recent interview with a Swiss newspaper.



The official claims that people are unhappy that they have to charge their smartwatches often and they have to travel with an extra charger in the bag for that. Well, Swatch is working with battery company Renata to develop a smartwatch battery that could last as long as 6 months. The advancements of this technology are so big, that it may even expand to automobiles in the future.

Nick Hayek was also asked if he considers Apple a threat, but he said that their entry on the smartwatch market is an opportunity for Swatch. Why? Because since the Apple Watch is a “remote for the mobile phone”, Swatch can deliver more. Back to the battery issue, that incredible power source will be released in 2016 and its tech will be applied to cars, too.

Research group Belenos and battery maker Renata are hard at work on that project. Will Swatch’s product be a game changer?

via handelszeitung.ch

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