All alternatives for offline GPS navigation are expensive. Google Maps is doing quite well, but can’t compete with present solutions and dedicated GPS devices, such as Sygic, Garmin, TomTom or … CoPilot. The last one mentioned can be used for free as of right now.


CoPilot is not just a very popular solution, it’s certainly among the best on the market at this time. ALK Technologies, de ones behind this great GPS Nav. solution , have long promised to launch a free version of their application for Android and IOS. That moment is now, users of both platforms can enjoy the benefit of downloading the app for free. Well, now let’s see limitations. To use CoPilot you will need to create an account. Then you select the language and voice guidance and last but not least you will download the map you want to use. We recommend a wireless connection for downloading the maps as some can take some space. Now we see the first limitation. Once you have selected a map, you will need to pay for the use of another one. The price is acceptable in my opinion. We are talking about one of the best Navigation apps out there. About 30 Euros for a map.
The next limitation can be easily observed at a first glance of the map. We do not benefit from 3D Display and turn-by-turn, voice assisted guidance. The good part is that this feature is available at a very good price – 19 Euro. We’re about done with the limitations. Feature wise, everything you could expect from an advanced GPS application is available. Weather,parking, points of interest with Wikipedia information, coordinates and satellite photos. iOS users even get a music player. Social integration with Facebook and Twitter is also available.

The free version of CoPilot was released especially for mapping and planning but I think it can very easily be used for navigation. It’s praised initiative by ALK Technologies and want to benefit from the growing number of such solutions and from other developers. For Android, download the application on the Play Store for iOS it’s available through iTunes.

You can read the official press release here.

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