US Cellular just announced a killer offer for the Christmas season: all its handsets are going to be available for free during the 17 December – 25 December time frame. This means that you have a whole week to get any handset you want, of course with a contract.


There’s something extra in here: you can not only get smartphones for free, but also get $100 free credit for your new bill. This rule applies to both new customers and exiting customers. Keep in mind that the devices in US Cellular’s lineup are pretty appealing, with great names like HTC Desire, Samsung Mesmerize (Galaxy S) and LG Optimus U being part of it.

BlackBerry Bold and Curve are also in the mix, together with featurephones like Motorola Grasp and LG Mistique. Required contracts last 2 years and the good news is that you get a “no contract after the first” policy, so everything’s peachy on this carrier’s side, specially if you already have a contract.

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