A few iPhone 6 sketch designs have appeared today, following a mountain of leaks popping up online over the past weeks. This handset seems to register an increase in both length and width compared to the iPhone 5s, as it was expected.



The screen is a bit bigger, the Lightning port and audio jack are kept and there only seems to be one set of speakers flanking the Lightning port. On the sides, the volume keys have clearly changed, which is logical, since you can’t have a bigger phone and keep those small rounded buttons from before. Strangely, at the back we find what looks like an iPhone 5 flash, not the oval shaped one from the last  year iPhone.

The different color tones of the top and bottom of the device are kept, but not totally, only partially, like the stripes of the HTC One M8 and HTC One. The handset looks really thin and elongated, plus a bit more rounded in the corners. We’re probably seconds away from seeing a hands on video leaked…




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