Fujitsu is usually known as a brand that launches phones in Japan, taking down records of thickness and incorporating top notch cameras and other hardware. Now they also appeared at CES 2012 with some waterproof and slim tablets and phones from the Arrows series. It appears that their direction now involves reaching out into the US smartphone market, since Japan is no longer enough.


Senior Executive Vice President Hideyuki Saso said in a recent interview at CES that Fujitsu sees North America as a priority market. The company is also in the process of gaining full control of a mobile joint venture that involved a cooperation with Toshiba in the phone segment. Fujitsu makes Windows Phone devices as well as Android ones and it doesn’t seem to have decided which area to tackle better. They want to do something different than the other rivals and find a perfect niche that will make them appealing the States.

In the meantime Nokia is also trying to get back some of its older fame in the USA, where it was big at some point in the past, but since Symbian became a symbol of obsolete days, the local market share of the Finns declined. For now Fujitsu has to offer two unique aspects: very thin smartphones and waterproof technology for all of its devices. I wonder what they’ll come up with next…

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