Right now mobile devices include antennae able to work in GHz level bands, but what about Terahertz? Well, Fujitsu has developed a module that allows you to tap into the 300 GHz frequency, in spite of current phones working between 0.8 to 2.5 GHz bands.

fujitsu miniatured

Their lab tests have proved that the Terahertz level module is able to reach 2 Gbps download speeds, making 4K or 8K video download a breeze. Such experiments have been done before, but never with a mechanism small enough for a phone. Usually, the signal is lost quickly and requires an antenna, plus a bridging antenna and a receiver. This makes the device too big, even for a tablet.

Fujitsu stuffed all of that within a 0.75 cubic cm module, using heat resistant synthetic polymer or polyamide material, instead of the usual ceramic, quarts and teflon. Fujitsu wants to demo the technology in March next year and unveil it commercially in 2020, during the Olympic Games in Tokyo. Meanwhile South Korean companies are preparing 5G unveiling for 2018’s Olympics.