Reuters informs us that YouTube will make MGM films available, the partnership debuting with the “American Gladiators” program. MGM has also announced that it’ll make available full-length action films like “The Magnificent Seven” or “Bulletproof Monk”, all of them free and accompanied by ads.

It’s the second time that YouTube pulls a move like this, as they announced a similar cooperation with CBS Corp, back in October, offering the public a chance to watch famous shows like “Star Trek”, “Young and The Restless” and “Beverly Hills 90210”.

The Google-acquired video sharing service was originally known for its ten minute clips or less, but now full-length content is available and Time Warner’s HBO and CBS’s Showtime have shown their interest regarding a partnership. All of these moves made YouTube enter a direct competition with Hulu, an online video site owned by News Corp and NBC Universal.

It’s very likely that these full-length movies will make it to the mobiles as well, sparing storage space and using apps, like the ones supplied by the Apple App Store, Android Market or the Nokia Ovi.

[via Reuters]