If you’re always wanted to use your finger to draw or write in the air, then the answer could arrive from the Fujitsu Laboratories, engineers that recently developed a ring-type wearable device that allows users to write in the air and also to recognize the letters. We get to know that this technology works in tandem with a Bluetooth-enabled smartphone and a special helmet.


This smart ring is compatible with Bluetooth LE (low energy) standard and it can be used in conjunction with smartphones or computers that have the companion app installed. Fujitsu’s smart right weighs just 10 grams, brings NFC and has a rechargeable and replaceable battery that offers up to 8 hours of life time.


As you can see from the picture below, this device needs a helmet that contains several components in order to track your finger movements in the air and recognize the letters you write through a special algorithm. In order to start writing, on the ring is placed a special button that needs to be pressed and the the trajectory of the finger is starting to be recorded.


In terms of precision, we found out that when it comes to numbers, the device is able to offer a 95% recognition rate. Beside the writing feature, this smart ring also let us browse trough the our phone’s menu or to draw on a picture captured with the camera. For the moment, we don’t know if this product is going to be launched for the public.


via: k-tai.impress.co.jp


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