We found out some interesting plans today, regarding Microsoft’s way of integrating Nokia within its organization. First thing, they will license the Nokia brand and they intend to call their handsets “Nokia by Microsoft”.


Britain Nokia Microsoft

In the meantime they plan on saying goodbye to the Surface brand and go with Lumia, a branding adopted to their tablet series as well. I have to remind you that last fall Microsoft started swallowing Nokia’s handset division and paid $7.2 billion for it. The purchase hasn’t exactly been felt so far, with regular Lumia handsets being launched as usual over the past months.

We’ve also had Surface Pro 3 tablets without any Lumia involvement. The thing to notice here is that there was no Surface Phone or any new Lumia tablet lately, in spite of rumors. Microsoft is probably holding back for a major release in the future, maybe with a special Lumia 8 inch tablet and a “Nexus style” Surface phone for real Windows Phone fans… There’s also a rumor about totally giving up the Nokia brand in favour of Lumia, but “Nokia by Microsoft” makes more sense.

Via evleaks.at

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