If you ever envisioned the world as your interface with everything digital, the following video will confirm that this is where we’re headed. Microsoft Office has a nifty vision of the future, that shows us in permanent connection with cloud services, computers and sharing systems.


Tablets and smartphones will be able to share info via touch or simply by being next to each other, while everything will be stored in the cloud and accessible on any device. 3D projections are included and there’s an interface available on every glass surface one can think of. From windows of buses to those of skyscrapers, to coffee tables, everything is a computer.

And you can even mess with projections and 3D graphics when working and communication with colleagues. Everything is touch and gesture-based and everything loads up and syncs really fast. If this is the future I wonder what Microsoft will do to influence it… We have a long way to go till this happens.

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