Since Fujitsu Toshiba and Acer already have their own Windows Phone units, why wouldn’t Lenovo follow the same route? Thus, it doesn’t surprise me that they did and created the Lenovo S2 Windows Phone device. This model is coming to China as soon as possible, according to people close to the matter.


Last I heard, Lenovo wasn’t part of the Windows Phone deal with Microsoft, but they must’ve reached some sort of agreement in the end. Supposedly, the S2 is only one of the two WP7 devices coming from Lenovo. The specs are a mystery and as far as design goes, the handset looks very much like Samsung Focus, so it’s not very original.

A Lenovo smartphone with WP7 was rumored back in December 2010, especially for the Chinese market. The specs I’m expecting here include a 1GHz CPU, maybe 4GB of storage to keep the price low and a 3.8 – 4+ inch display with 480 x 800 pixel resolution. As you can see there’s also a front camera included, so maybe this is not a low cost model after all. Keep in mind that this is a mere rumor, so don’t take it for granted…

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