The Verizon version of the Galaxy Nexus is not longer mentioned on the Google Support pages and also other CDMA devices were removed from that section. The problem here seems to be a bunch of technical issues related to the APK files required for CDMA connectivity and signing of those libraries.


Other devices such as the Nexus S 4G and the Motorola Xoom Verizon version disappeared. Google posted an update explaining that “technical reasons” caused this removal, as CDMA telephone is handled by binaries provided by the carrier in newer devices. The problem is that different signatures are associated with the APKs and the components may not work properly. When a developer created a custom build from the AOSP source code, they won’t use the same signing key used by carriers to identify certain devices.

This can cause problems in devices with customized software. but now GSM/HSPA+ is the way to go, till the CDMA problems are figured out. Google still promises to make available as many closed source binaries for the CDMA handsets as possible. The Nexus phones will still have the bootloaders unlockable, at least.

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