Susi from ShinyShiny TV and Tech Digest recently got some quality time with Garmin nuvifone G60 and M20 and briefly reviewed them. Find out if these GPS phones are worth your attention and cash from the video below:

We’re pretty surprised by the thickness of these devices and we learned that while using the handsets in GPS mode, you can still take calls, that will be shown on a corner of the screen. Your navigation won’t be interrupted and drivers will keep remain on track. Also, Susi claims that thanks to a special service, the nuvifones will connect to a social network and signal your contacts and friends who are nearby.

Both phones feature objectives and key points on the map, stuff like restaurants and other points of interest. Nuvifone G60 is a full touchscreen device, supporting a landscape display mode and incorporating an accelerometer. The handset is based on Linux and moving on to the M20, this is a more appealing device, as far as looks are concerned, but it’s also a business smartphone.

The M20 uses Windows Mobile 6.1, supports video capture and relies on an user-friendly skin.

[via YouTube]