It seems Gartner’s predictions concerning the evolution of Android, iPhone and RIM weren’t that accurate. The graphs below are pretty clear on that matter, if you’re wondering. Meanwhile, Gartner has revised its predictions on Android’s dominance on the market. While in 2009 the analysts predicted a tie between Android, iPhone and RIM, now the first is everyone’s favourite and growing extremely fast.


Changing its estimates, Gartner now expects Android to get control of 49% of the smartphone market by next year. This leaves the iPhone a bit behind, still growing, but not as steadily as in the previous quarters. The same Gartner has to rethink predictions for the Symbian phones, since back in 2009, Nokia’s favorite platform was thought to keep control of the smartphone segment in the future.

Well, in 2011, Symbian won’t even make the top of the charts, as Nokia recently announced that it will focus on Windows Phone 7. Over the last years, other operating systems such as BlackBerry OS and webOS have taken a hit, with RIM’s product losing less market share than Gartner expected. We’ll see what public segment webOS manages to conquer now that it’s handled by HP…

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