Google has just announced the evolution of its prolific eBooks service, available in the US through the Google eBookstore. This service now includes more than 3 million titles, hundreds of thousands being for sale and you’ll find bestsellers among them, stuff like Laura Hillenbrand’s “Unbroken” plus classics like “Great Expectations”.


What’s neat about this evolution is that you’ll be able to begin reading a book on the PC, continue on a tablet while commuting and pick up where you left off using a smartphone during break, at work. It’s all done with the aid of the cloud and Google eBooks, so you’ll access the digital versions of the titles like the Gmail messages or Picasa photos.

All you need is a Google account (with unlimited ebooks storage) and the free Android and Apple apps specialized for reading and shopping on the go. You’ll even customize the reading experience, by changing font size, spacing, day/night reading modes and more. Google Books was launched in 2004 and since then the search engine giant digitized over 15 million books form over 35,000 publishers and more than 40 libraries.

This is a new milestone in modern human culture and you’re all part of it!

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