Eager to let everyone know that you’ve moved out the Swine Flu-affected area? You’ll be able to use Google’s two new applications for Google Latitude, one of Google Mobile Maps’ features, allowing you to inform your friends and family about the coordinates of your handset (through GPS or other methods).


The two new apps are Google Talk location status and Google Public Location Badge, the first allowing the user to automatically have his status updated, while using Google Talk or Gmail chat. The new status will mention the user’s Latitude location, as he moves from city to city and the people you chat with will notice the changes.

Google Public Location Badge will allow its user to publish his Latitude location on his blog or website, with the aid of a mobile phone. You’ll be able to just show the city you’re currently residing in, or have the location detected automatically, via GPS, WiFi or cell tower ID. Fearing privacy issues? Share only the basic info, like the city you’re in or “hide” from your Google Latitude contacts, if you want to.

[via techcrunch]