Forgot the car engine on? Forgot the gas and lights on when leaving for a long vacation? Don’t fret, as you’ve already got a way to remotely solve these issues, just by using your mobile phone and a nifty wireless GSM remote control switch, that costs $199.


The GSM-Auto is such a wireless remote control switch, connecting to the GSM network available and it can be activated by calling its cell phone number and rejecting the call afterwards. The device connected to it will be switched on and there will be no call costs attached to the use of the device, since it won’t answer your call.

GSM-Auto features 2 independent switches, programmed to switch on for a certain period of time, when the gadget is getting a call. You’ll also be able to switch those on or off through a SMS. What’s the use of this device? Well, you can switch on or off vehicles, home heating systems, air conditioning and more, simply by using your mobile phone.

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  • Witura Corporation obtains F.C.C American Approval for their New GSM-Remote Control “GSM-AUTO” System

    The New “GSM-REMOTE-CONTROL-SWITCH” manufactured by the Witura Corporation and branded as the GSM-AUTO or WT1O11 has just received the full F.C.C American approval certification under the rule 47 CFR which includes some of the well known regulations for electrical appliances and equipment such as part 15 “Radio Frequency Devices” Part 18 “ISM” which are applicable to Industrial, Scientific and Medical Equipment and also part “68” which is the connection of terminal equipment to the telephone network.
    It is known fact that devices intentionally that emit radio waves or Wireless LAN devices cannot be sold in the U.S without the F.C.C Certification and the Witura Corporation has obtained the F.C.C Certification for their new GSM-Remote Control switch based on the huge demand they have received for supplying the product in the United States.
    The GSM-Remote Control system developed by the Witura Corporation is a 2 Output relay device for the remote control of a wide range of devices from any standard Cell-Phone for automatic gates to heating and lighting and re-booting servers or generators and the applications are endless.

  • Jon Pilton

    Great News that the GSM-AUTO-Remote Control system and the Dial2open Remote Control system now has full F.C.C American Approvals,it must be the only one I have heard of that has those strict approvals.