Google Maps for Android is quickly evolving, with 6 updates over the past six months and more features being made available all the time. After seeing swiping between search results and helpful content implemented we learn that new version (4.4) brings an easier way to find interesting Places in the user’s surrounding area.

There’s a new Places icon in the app launcher, just like the rest of the apps and now you can press and drag it right onto the home screen for easier use. Thanks to Places you can search for a restaurant, movie theatre, local business and much more, with full details about each destination included. Search categories are incorporated in the new function and you can also use vocal queries to find your destination.

The Updated Place Pages shows reviews, photos, prices, menus and much more for your restaurant of choice, hotel or any place you want to visit. Google Maps for mobile 4.4 is available now on Android 1.6 and above.