The folks of Engadget have finally managed to score an unit of the Google Phone made by HTC, aka Nexus One and they quickly reviewed it and shared their impressions, for us all to see. We remind you that we’ve seen tons of leaks of this device, but it’s the first time that someone takes some hands on quality time with it.

Quick rundown of its specs, in case you’re missed them: Android 2.1, a 1 GHz Snapdragon CPU, a 3.7 inch touch display with a 480 x 800 pixels resolution, 512MB ROM, 512MB RAM and a microSD card slot. The handset supports 3G connectivity only in T-Mobile’s network, so no love for AT&T here.

Nexus One also uses a 5 megapixel camera with LED flash, taking pretty decent pics, according to its reviewers, who also loved the camera software, better than on Droid for example. The hands on experience revealed a very thin and sleek handset, a bit thinner than the iPhone, but keeping the classic HTC industrial design.

Believe it or not, the Nexus One is not the iPhone destroyer everyone thought it would be, but rather a twin to Moto Droid. “A little stuttery behaviour” was also mentioned by the Engadget folks, but also the fact that playing with apps, Google Maps and other features is very speedy and neat.

No multitouch was included, so too bad for the beautiful touchscreen, but we’ll let you get the real deal review from the lucky dudes right here.

[via Engadget]

  • timq1

    That is not what they said further more what engadget did say is a bunch of crap.

    Just to clear things up I am an app developer and I have the Nexus One and the Iphone 3Gs.

    Engadgets says that the Nexus One is not that different than the Droid witch is better than the Iphone in almost every way.

    Either there liars, completely stupid or there deaf and blind.

    This phone has much more resolution than the Iphone.
    Has much more color combinations than the Iphone.
    Has a brighter screen than the Iphone.
    Has a bigger screen than the Iphone.
    Has a much better battery life than the Iphone.
    Has a much faster Processor than the Iphone.
    Has a much better way of handling Music and videos than the Iphone.
    And like any other Android device, completely customizable home screens unlike the Iphone.
    And like any other Android device live Widget, the Iphone can't do that either.

    The Nexus One can do 6 things at once and the Iphone is limited to 2 and I could go on for 2 hour on how this phone is so much better but I will spare you the reading.

    To me it sounds like your spreading Iphone propaganda that is 100% false.

    Is apple paying people to says these things or what ? or is it that people hate that there Iphone is no longer top dog and has not been since the Mytouch 3G, Yeah there more apps on the Iphone but ALL of the Android phone do SO much more than any Iphone ever could.

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