It seems that some retailers are simply rushing to the next wave of devices, so this is why we found out that in the UK there’s already a company selling the Google Nexus Prime phone. Made by Samsung and running Android 4.0, you’ll find this item in the portofolio of


As shown in the image below, this Android 4.0 phone is sold unlocked and SIM free, with a 4.6 inch Super AMOLED display, a 1.5GHz dual core processor and 5 megapixel camera. There’s also WiFi and GPS on board, as well as 1GB of RAM and 1 MP front camera. Strangely enough, we’re promised that the camera will deliver 1080p video capture, although we’ve heard similar promises for 5MP cams on tablets and they didn’t quite deliver.

Notice the interesting design of the handset, that looks like it’s incorporating an edge to edge display, and a very original rounded and chromed lower front area. Last we heard, this model wasn’t packing a 720p display as rumored, but we’ll be glad if that finally happens when the model is out. Any buyers among you?

Update: It seems that this was a fake and the image originated from this website, but I have to admit that the mockup they did is quite an impressive one. Kudos if the real thing looks like this!

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