If you’re an iOS user who doesn’t like the features and voice of Siri, there’s now a replacement app. Google just launched an updated Search application for iOS, that you can download from the App Store. They integrated some Google Now elements and made it more accurate, faster and more pleasant to use.


There’s a new voice feature that will recite answers back to you, just like Siri. The app relies on Google’s huge search feature and delivers a very varied array of answers. Google says that the new app offers fast and accurate voice recognition technology and one can immediately find out if a flight is delayed by asking “Is Air France flight 400 on time?”, for example. Words appear on the screen as you speak and the answer pops up immediately, also being very concise.

The Google Knowledge Graph supports this app and among the examples of questions you can get very good answers to there’s the command “show me pictures of…”, or “play me a trailer of…”, plus questions about weather, current time, date and calendar. You can also find out the members of the cast of a TV show and find local pizzerias, cinemas and car repair shops. The app is up for download on iOS here.

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