Google has just announced that it’ll spend $750 million in stock to acquire mobile display ad company AdMob. This company is famous for serving ads on iPhones and recently it has started serving them on Android phones as well. AdMob seems to fit Google’s advertising business model, so it’ll be an advantage for the Mountain View giant.



AdMob was founded back in 2006 and it runs its Mobile Advertising Network on thousands of web sites, cooperating with the likes of Ford and Coca-Cola. It’s important to mention that the company also collects and publishes data on mobile trends, by analyzing the traffic it manages.

Representatives from Google and the freshly acquired start-up are expected to meet today, for more detailed talks and yes, it’s a friendly takeover we’re dealing with, since it has the approval of both parties. This would be among the most expensive buyouts made by Google, following DoubleClick at $3.1 billion and YouTube at $1.6 billion, but surpassing Postini ($625 million).

[via CNET]

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