Leave it to the benchmarks to break out the urgent news to you, such as the first spotting of Android 5.0.1 Key Lime Pie. And can you guess the model it’s running on? It’s the good old Google X handset, that everyone is drooling for.


In spite of Google saying that the X Phone from Motorola won’t be a Nexus, who’s to say they weren’t teasing us? The mysterious Motorla X Phone may be expected in June/July, but it may make a surprise appearance next month at Google I/O, as the Nexus 5. Of course, an AnTutu listing is easy to manipulate, but rumors and internal tips have multiplied lately, so a device like this is certainly brewing in the Moto labs.

The benchmark score may be decent at 15k, but it’s certainly not Snapdragon 800 material, believe me. However, I doubt that AnTuTu has been optimized for the new OS, that hasn’t even been released. Some benchmarks haven’t even adapted to Android 4.2, for crying out loud! Rumors did say that Key Lime Pie may not see the light of day next month and instead we’ll be treated with yet another Jelly Bean, but I find that hard to believe. What are your expectations?

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