Can you believe it’s been 20 years since the GSM standard was first used (July 1st 1991)? Of course, its origins are from Finland and the first GSM conversation is shown in the video below. That was history in the making and the folks you see in the vid are prime minister Harri Holkeri and vicemayor of the Finnish town Tampere Kaarina Suonio.

Even now when 3G rules everything and everywhere and 4G is becoming widespread, GSM is still the driving force for texts and phone calls. We’re being promised 1Gbps transfer rates in 2013 and 20 years ago we were happy to get a phone call through without having to use a fixed line. How greedy a man can get nowadays…

The obvious question now is: when did you make your first mobile phone call and what model did you use? I made mine in 1998 using the Ericsson GA 628… It had a sparkly antenna that would light up before receiving the call. Good times!

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