A series of shots portraying the way the leather on the back of the LG G4 is being manufactured and finished have appeared online. You can see them below and while initially we thought LG Was going with leather imitation, it appears to be actual leather.


leather g4 2

The handset debuts during a special event on April 28th and it will start selling in Korea on the 29th. High quality cow leather will be used for the back, as shown in these images. The leather is carefully finished and it features 0.0001 micrometer pores, allowing it to “breathe”. The aim here is to provide a premium feel, good grip and make the device lighter by using this material.

leather g4 3

Stitching and sewing will be used here, through the center of the back cover, in order to not spoil its looks. The production process lasts 12 weeks and even involves some hand made operations. A special coating is applied to the leather to make it resilient to moisture and heat. Special tanning processes and all sorts of eco friendly operations were used here, painting the leather with vegetable dyes.

Will this increase the price of the device? Will animal protection organizations have something against it?

leather g4 4

leather g4

via social.lge.co.kr

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