If you’re so much into Facebook that you can’t sleep, there’s a nifty device coming your way, courtesy of AT&T. It’s one of the first two Facebook Phones made by HTC, the Chacha model. This is a handset with a QWERTY design, a 5MP camera and a touchscreen display with a tiny diagonal.


Notice the AT&T branding on the model pictured above and if it makes you curios, know that there are tiny differences between this version and the European one. For example, the Facebook button is changed a bit, as a closer look at the picture shows. The keys have also been re-colored and a bit rearranged.

If you’re hoping for 4G bummer for you, since this looks like an AT&T 3G unit, from the leaked photos. The release date is a mystery, but it’s safe to say that we’ll see the model in stores this quarter. The date on the phone says July 17th, so that may be the launch date.

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