Yesterday, before Nokia N9 was a real entity, I had the opportunity of unboxing the brand new Nokia X7 handset. This is the very first Symbian Anna model I’ve touched and one of the two inaugural units with this OS on board, together with the E6-00. Well, the X7 is certainly appealing with its 4 corner-placed speakers, but let’s see what’s in the box.


The unit comes with a detached SIM tray that’s inserted in a very original way in a lateral slot, just like the microSD one. Once you insert this tray, you can start opening it by pressing gently a flipping side of the tray’s edge. The system looks a bit like a tiny hammer, if you will… Back to the unboxing, the X7 comes with a series of manuals, a microUSB cable, headset and charger, so nothing special here.

Symbian Anna looks nice, but takes a while to boot and it’s sort of laggy when you first turn on the phone. Other than that the interface seems friendly, the icons are bigger than in Symbian^3 and the UI looks modern. We’ll be back in the following days with a full review of this fresh smartphone.

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