A wave of rumors was sparked by ASUS boss Jonney Shih a few days ago when he said that the company he’s running was in talks with HTC for a buyout. At the time everything was at discussion level, but today, HTC denied everything, as a Reuters quote shows.



HTC doesn’t even consider a merger with ASUS and the officials of the HTC One M9 creator have denied any contact with ASUS. As the info got widespread about the possible transaction HTC registered a stock value bump of 10%, reaching $2.70 per stock. In spite of that growth, the stocks are still plummeting from the already historical low of June 1st, $3.18.

HTC and ASUS have quite a few things in common, like the same homeland, Taiwan and also the same camera sensor supplier for their flagships: Toshiba. Also, both firms make products with premium designs and they’re known for not releasing “cheap and plasticky” units. HTC has met a bit of a turnmoil recently, changing management, failing to impress with the HTC One M9 and generally struggling to get a better direction.

ASUS in the meantime is a growing force in the smartphone biz, with the ZenFone series being very well received. Frankly speaking, I say this merger is going to happen after all…

via Reuters

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