After yesterday, when the chinese producer BBK introduced on the market their last smartphone named Vivo Xshot, a device that comes with a 8-megapixel front-facing camera and a LED flash, making it a true-selfie device, now we find out that HTC will release a phone focused on front-camera too.



According to @evleaks it seems that HTC it’s developing a new device with codename Eye that will arrive on the market through american operator AT&T in the fourth quarter of this year. We also find out that this device will be knowed on the market as the ultimate selfie phone.

Alongside Vivo Xshot, on the market there’s also the Meitu 2, a device that comes from China and that brings a huge 13-megapixel front facing camera that it’s perfect for the selfie lovers. Even if the selfie it’s so popular, it seems that it can make people obsessed of this phenomenon. According to a survey published by CASA Columbia, it seems that more than 70% of teenagers spend time on a social website everyday, more precisely almost 17 million teenagers.

This behaviour it’s compared with smoking or alcohol/drugs consumption. Selfie it’s a expression and a behaviour that becomes an addiction for some of us. It’s very related with the use of several social networks as Facebook or Instragram, where the comunication it’s made exclusive by photos.

Getting back to HTC, we find out that the company promised the selfie will be a expression that it will be take in consideration for future device. Also, HTC promised that the next flagship will arrive on the market with a better photo camera that it could pack an optical zoom. What do you expect from HTC Eye – selfie phone?


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