Reporting both for sister site and GSMDome, I’ve had the opportunity to sit down and chat with HTC Product Manager South East Europe, Kostas Kastamonitis. He agreed to be interviewed during the official unveiling of HTC ChaCha in Romania and one of the topics approached was HTC’s own OS. Keep reading to get a juicy insight into that.


When asked why HTC doesn’t create its very own operating system Kostas said that they want to keep HTC Sense as the element that makes Android more friendly. Apparently, Android is the favorite OS of the Greek HTC official, although he claims that “user don’t consider it friendly” and it can be complicated to some.

This is where Sense kicks in and provides a more friendly approach to the Linux-based Google platform. This isn’t the first time that the idea of an own OS has come up, since Samsung’s got its own Bada platform, that’s working out nicely and selling millions of units. HTC Sense is undoubtedly the best Android customization/UI, so why not expand on that? Simple, because HTC doesn’t want to…

When the camera was shut, I asked Kostas about some inside info on the HTC Puccini tablet, but he answered that the 7 inch format is ideal for tablet users, so why go with 10 inches? Also, nothing about Honeycomb on Flyer just yet… One of the main questions of this interview was why HTC doesn’t user better hardware on devices such as the Sensation, for example Super AMOLED screens or more internal memory.

Kostas replied that HTC isn’t selling only top hardware components, but rather the original experience. That’s a pretty good idea, to be honest, but there are users who want better hardware, that’s for sure…

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