TweetDeck has been collecting data, just like most modern companies and they’ve revealed some interesting facts recently. It appears that the Twitter client found info about some Android 3.0 devices being tested right now and also uncovered some HTC Glacier units with TweetDeck on board.


At least 3 people were spotted using the handset, while some even ran the client from their Nokia N900 and HTC HD2 units with Android ported on them. Motorola Droid 2 Global Edition was also included in the official figures. 103 TweetDeck Android users relied on HD2 units, 6 of them had Nokia N900 handsets and there was even an old HTC Kaiser in the stats, for people fond of oldies but goldies.

More info on the TweetDeck stats can be found here and we’re really keen on getting extra details on that appealing HTC Glacier.

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