Wmpoweruser has a scoop concerning an incident that involves a HTC HD2 unit catching fire as its user was watching a movie. DCcomp92 is the user with the problem and it seems he’s been getting some bashing on YouTube via comments, for this video. Nobody seems to believe his case…

We knew that gadgets like the Xbox 360 or the PS3 (in their first generations) were prone to overheating, as was the iPhone at some point, but this is new… Have you ever had such issues with your HTC handsets?

[via wmpoweruser]

  • Jeramie

    My HTC HD2 Gets real hot. I used to think it was ewhen I was using a few Apps/Programs, but tody, I Ended all tasks and sat it there. In about half an hour, the power went from about 90% to 29% and it was extremely hot… hence my google search for HTC HD2 Getting hot. It did, however, shut itself off.

  • Benangulo

    Mine also get very hot every time I use GPS or watch a movie. It shuts down or freezes about 30 seconds after getting hot, EVERY time. I must take out the battery and wait for 15 minutes before I am able to restart it. I am returning it today.