Phone Arena puts the iPhone 3GS and HTC HD2 to the test, making a comparison video of the two famous handsets. Let’s have a look at the two and see who scores the most:


As far as design is concerned, Phone Arena considers it a draw, with HTC HD2 and iPhone 3GS being equals, thanks to the big touchscreens. HTC HD’2 interface wins the UI duel, since the reviewers call the one on the iPhone dated , but in the end this is also a draw. Moving on to the “Messaging” segment, we learn that HD2 comes with a messaging tab with an elegant preview interface, while the iPhone’s feature is “clumsy”, according to the experts.

The iPhone keyboard wins the duel in this segment, while HTC’s piece of work is considered too sensitive and the keyboard cramped (too many keys). As far as software is concerned, the iPhone leads again, thanks to the many entertaining, but what it lacks is a decent third party media player. The camera comparison has HD2 as the clear winner, specially due to the presence of flash on board, allowing pictures to be taken in the dark.

HTC HD2 also wins the Multimedia duel, the Internet browsing segment and the battery life test, but it’s once again a draw in the call quality section. Full comparison is available here and you can leave your input in the comments section below.

[via wmpoweruser]

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