The news of the day is that HTC has finally detailed its third Android phone, Hero and we got to have a look at Sense, the first customized Android installation on this device. We’re dealing with a great UI, that comes with an incredible interface for the Android OS.



You’ll watch it action on Hero’s 3.2 inch touchscreen and under the case there’s a 528 MHz CPU running the show. We also learn that HTC Hero comes with a microSD slot, AGPS, a digital compass, G sensor, 3.5mm audio jack and a 5MP autofocus camera. There’s also a dedicated Search button on board, that provides a contextual search experience via Twitter and many other similar services, plus your contacts list and emails.

Back to HTC’s Sense, this innovative experience relies on 3 basic principles, as stated by the Taiwanese company: “make it mine”, “stay close” and “discover the unexpected”. The new UI comes with “Perspectives”, a feature that connects contacts, social media and email automatically, plus it also supports Flash natively.


“Make it Mine” means that you’ll be using widgets that you can personalize (designs and sizes) and these will provide the content you need most, right from the home screen. “Scenes” is a new profile feature of HTC Hero, transforming multiple handsets in one, as Hero becomes a multimedia device for your relaxation, a guide for your business trips or a business phone, depending on the profile you use.

“Stay Close” is all about viewing a certain contact and having all the possible options to interact with the person at hand (email, Facebook, IM, other social networking services, photo sharing sites etc). Last, we learn that “Discover the Unexpected” is a feature that transforms basic functions like the dialer of the photo gallery in an online catalog, a collection of data that blends in with online services and social networking tools.

More details about this incredible UI that completes Android and kills Palm’s webOS can be found here.

[via HTC]

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