Ever imagined you’d see the sleek HTC Sense UI emulated on the iPhone? Well, it has been done, via a couple of hacks that brought the HTC interface to the most popular smartphone on the market, the iPhone. Here’s the intriguing software mod in the video below:


The credit for this modified theme goes to deviantART user Justflikwalk and you should know that Sense only runs on a jailbroken iPhone. In case you’re using such a handset, all you need to do is install Winterboard from Cydia, then iBlank and then search for “OpenSSH” and install it, again through Cydia.

Next, you’ll need to connect the iPhone to the PC, without running iTunes and you’ll start WinSCP, enter a bunch of login info found here, mess around with the Themes directory on the phone and download the HTC Hero Sense UI for iPhone. Full instructions are available here.

[via coolsmartphone]

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