The folks of Gizmodo managed to get hold of a HTC Hero unit and compared it to the iPhone, noticing that the new Android phone comes with a cool design and a great teflon coating on its back. What’s the iPhone got on Hero? Nothing, frankly…


Practically, the plastic back of the iPhone can’t even begin to compare to Hero’s teflon back, that won’t get any “skin oil” on it. Say “goodbye” to greasy fingerprints and enjoy the matte finish of the device. Meanwhile, the iPhone remains a fingerprint magnet, looking as cheap as a Chinese clone

In spite of the fact that Apple keep innovating, when it comes to materials (aluminium single piece body on the MacBook), the iPhone is stagnating, as far as design is concerned. Well, at least their new handset, the iPhone 3GS comes with an oleophobic coating, keeping fingerprints away, but still the phone is no match for HTC Hero.

[via Gizmodo]