We’ve just managed to score a HTC Incredible S unit for testing and this great device is seen in the unboxing video below, for you all to enjoy. We’re dealing with an Android 2.2 device with the latest Sense UI, a handset that was promised the Android 2.4 update as soon as it’s possible.


This device kind of reminds me of the HTC HD7, as far as form factor is concerned, but only in a lighter package and with a pretty easy to grip case. Its 8 megapixel camera with 720p capture looks stunning and even the bulge it causes in the design is somewhat delightful. The unboxing reveals the usual accessories: microUSB cable, charger and headphones.

We also open the back case to reveal the battery, hiding the SIM slot from us and just like the HTC HD7, we have a bit of struggle trying to break the case open, fearing we’d damage it. All ends well and we’re looking forward to show you what this baby can really do! Keep in touch and don’t forget to check out GSMDome periodically for more info on the HTC Incredible S.

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