The story of yesterday was the bruising and chipping of the HTC One S case or better said the ceramic coating and now it appears that HTC acknowledges the problem and wants to fix it. Let me remind you what the story is about: some of the early HTC One S buyers (guess they bought them in  Germany or somewhere else in Europe) reported that the ceramic coating has started to show scratches.

Some say that the sharp edge of the phone is the one to blame, while the micro arc oxidation process that makes the case so tough should in theory not allow such fragility. Actually, when the aluminum is turned into ceramic through micro arc oxidation, it’s supposed to be stronger than stainless steel. However, the coating is not as sticky as it should be on some of the units. HTC is saying that the finish on the One S was tested in laboratories and found to be similar to the one of ceramic, but this doesn’t mean it’s impossible to damage.

HTC is also saying that all of the units with chipped coating should be returned to stores within 30 days or so and they will be replaced. If the period has passed you can get the devices fixed under the standard warranty procedure. Let’s hope that this is the only problem of the HTC One series, as the Taiwanese company really doesn’t need a Coatinggate scandal.