HTC’s Ultrapixel camera is proving to be both a curse and a blessing, as it’s supposed to be causing some poor yield rates and delaying the production of the device. I’m talking about mass production here and a potential reason for this model to flop…



We know all the good details about the Ultrapixel camera and how it puts to shame higher megapixel sensors and delivers great low light performance, but is it worth a delay of the phone? Recent reports have identified shortages of camera components that could cause issues with availability of the smartphone. Two of the key parts used for the Ultrapixel camera are supposedly difficult to manufacture successfully.

This is why the sales predictions of the phone have now reached merely 1 million units for the first half of the year. The camera components involves are causing production yields below 30%, that’s very low in any area of production, not only phones. Expect some delays of the handset launch in some markets!

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