HTC has just posted its 2008 financial results, which include a $4.5 billion revenue and $931 million profit. The revenue is up 29%, comparing to the previous year and HTC managed to sell 12.03 million devices, 70% of them with 3G support.



1 million of these devices had Android on board, so it turns out that the rest are all Windows Mobile handsets, which means that HTC sold 50% of the 20 million WM smartphones in 2008. Touch Diamond was the company’s 2008 hit, with more than 2 million units sold in just half a year, a record for HTC.

In spite of the economic depression, HTC expects another successful year, with double digit growth, that will continue in the future. HTC has just purchased land in Taipei for a new R&D facility and they also intend to expand their production facilities in Shanghai starting this Fall.

[via wmpoweruser]

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