HTC Ruby, the handset we’ve seen reflected in the screen of the HTC Flyer tablet is back again, this time in the images below. Now we also get a glimpse at the front of the device, not only the back.


This mysterious phone uses a plastic battery cover, possibly indication that it’s a mid-range model, since HTC usually relies on unibody aluminum designs for its pricier models. The camera at the back uses a dual LED flash and has a loudspeaker grille nearby. There’s also a headphone jack at the top left, while the power button is situated at the top right.

Another find is a bit of the T-Mobile logo upfront, while the camera software pictured here looks like Android material, since the Windows Phone 7 camera interface can’t be customized like that. Where does this device fit in HTC’s portofolio? I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

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