Although the majority of experts and specialists in the telecom biz estimated that partners such as Samsung, LG and HTC would be jealous of Google’s recent acquisition of Motorola Mobility. There’s no such thing, since this is actually a good move for partners, such as HTC, that would benefit from Motorola’s patents.


HTC’s CEO, Peter Chou reaffirmed this week the commitment of the Taiwanese company to Android and promised a way to differentiate from partners and add value. Also, the Microsoft partnership stands, as the company prepares at least two interesting WP7 models for later this year. We remind you that recently Apple attacked HTC on patent grounds, because of the Taiwanese firm’s lack of such intellectual property.

Now, with Motorola on board, Google has tens of thousands of new patents available and used to protect companies such as HTC. As proof, Peter Chou’s handset maker already sued Apple back, for infringing 3 patents and the war is on in the Android world, that’s striking back at the Cupertino empire. HTC has been acquiring companies too, lately, like the audio firm Beats Electronics and graphics chip maker S3, plus the cloud computing bigshot Dashwire.

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