Yes folks, there’s a Yahoo Phone out there and it’s taking off in Japan first, according to the latest info. The reason? Turns out that the Yahoo website is “big in Japan”, actually being the biggest site in the country. This is maybe the reason why it got its very own phone…


On board with this initiative there’s the carrier SoftBank, also Yahoo Japan’s biggest shareholder. This device is made by Sharp and it’s basically a rebranded AQUOS Phone 009SH, coming with Android 2.3 Gingerbread, a 4 inch LCD with qHD resolution, an 8MP CMOS camera and Bluetooth 3.0. WiFi is also on board, as well as microSDHC memory support and the classic features of Asian phones: e-wallet, infrared communication and digital TV tuner.

Several Yahoo Japan apps will be preinstalled on the phone, with stuff such as Yahoo Japan Home, Yahoo Japan Auctions, a calendar, dictionary and more making the cut. Also, if you’re a Softbank subscriber, you’ll become a Yahoo Japan premium member for free for 2 years if you purchase the phone.

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