Guess what? The latest Android version just came to the HTC Thunderbolt… that is if you live in 2010 and you’re excited about the launch of Gingerbread. Believe it or now it’s only now that Android 2.3 has reached this handset. The info comes from Verizon.

Last I heard, Verizon promised and swore they’ll offer the update at the end of September and then went back on its promise. Imagine how long we’ll have to wait for Android 4.0, if Gingerbread is still hard to deliver for some carriers and phone makers… If you own a HTC Thunderbolt and haven’t switched to a custom ROM by now, you might be interested in this update… I guess.

You just need to go into the “Settings” section, select “Software update” and tap the “Check new” option and you’ll be all set. The most important changes are the design tweaks to the homescreen and you also get a couple of interesting apps, such as a download manager, a Full Dock Mode (a special view for when the Thunderbolt is docked) and some power management apps.

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