HTC Thunderbolt was first shown at CES, but it’s only now that’s getting to see it launched. Priced at $249, the device will be hitting Verizon tomorrow, March 17th. This superphone is the first 4G LTE handset of the Big Red and it should get quite a lot of customers in the States.

Its specifications are pretty appealing, with a 32GB-capable microSD card slot, a 4.3 inch WVGA screen, support for up to 8 devices in hotspot model and a nice, solid build. The monthly pricing is a bit premium for this newcomer, so you’ll have to pay $30 a month for the 4G package and an extra $20 for the hotspot feature.

There’s a hands on demo below if you want more details on the smartphone that will take mobile connectivity to a new level:

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